FRII and Gazprom Neft'sStartupDrive launched an accelerator programme for startups from an electric mobility industry.

FRII and Gazprom Neft'sStartupDrive have launched an accelerator programme for startups from an electric mobility industry.

The most promising startups will have the opportunity to create a joint product with the company or accelerator partners.
With the help of FRII trackers and Gazprom Neft's business customers, startups will be able to refine their solutions, test hypotheses and create new products for the electric mobility market with access to the infrastructure of Gazprom Neft's petrol station network and the IT developments of the company and its partners, as well as receive technical assistance and expert advice from industry professionals.

Both startups with a ready product and first sales on the market and individual experts developing experimental solutions for the industry can apply.

Priority areas to look for:
● Projects and solutions for the charging process.
● Projects for electric charging infrastructure.
● Projects and solutions for electric vehicle operation.
● Projects and solutions for electricity infrastructure provision.
● Projects and solutions for the IT infrastructure of the electromobility sector.
● Fintech services for the electromobility market.
● Production of stations and components.
● Services for electric vehicles and battery production.
● Geoservices for favourable installation of charging stations.
● Production of electric vehicles, components, batteries and storage.
● Carsharing of electric vehicles.

A detailed list of areas of focus is available on the website

What participation in the Accelerator gives you:
● Access to in-house expertise in the core and related markets.
● Strategic partnerships in the right markets with major players.
● Work with the company's customers, access to communication and distribution channels.
● Opportunity to attract investments from partner corporations and venture capital funds.

Selection criteria:
- Availability of a product not lower than MVP.
- Availability of a legal entity or IE on the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is planned to select up to 10 startups for the accelerator.
See the programme timeline on the website

If you have any questions, please contact project manager Nina Kyamyarya at

Applications are accepted until 24 September

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