On May 31, a seminar was held by a resident of the Kalibr Technopark, AVEA-Technology LLC.


On the direct instructions of Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, a seminar on AVEA-Technology products was held at the Kalibr technopark for 25 representatives of the largest manufacturing companies in Russia.

"AVEA-TECHNOLOGY" is a Russian multidisciplinary manufacturing enterprise founded in 2012. The main activities of which are the production of multifunctional equipment "BASIS" and the provision of services for the production of components made of metal and plastic.

Within the framework of the seminar, the BASIS line was demonstrated, which is a high-precision automatic positioning system and various devices working with it, designed for fixing parts during turning, turning and milling, and milling processing, which is a solution for import substitution of European manufacturers such as Schunk and Erowa.
The seminar guests highly appreciated the demonstrated equipment of "BASIS" and the production capabilities of the company, and also showed interest in equipping their enterprises with this system.

The use of the "BASIS" snap-in provides a number of advantages, such as:
• Reduction of auxiliary time by 90%.
• Reducing the number of required personnel
• Increased flexibility of equipment.
• New processing capabilities.
• Standardization and unification of the equipment of the enterprise.
• Reducing the number of defects.
• High rigidity of the machine-tool-tool-part system and, as a result, an increase in cutting modes and tool durability.

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