A delegation from the Krasnodar Territory visiting Kalibr: we are building interregional ties

On February 8, a delegation from the Krasnodar region visited the territory of the PJSC "Kalibr" to get acquainted with the technopark. The participants, including the administration and executive authorities of the Krasnodar Territory, responsible for investments and development of small and medium-sized businesses, heads of municipalities of the Krasnodar region, as well as employees of leading universities in the area and industrial companies, noted the high level of infrastructure development of PJSC "Kalibr" and opportunities for industrial cooperation.

Having previously visited the territory of Skolkovo, the delegates got a general idea of the system of technoparks in Moscow and the Moscow agglomeration. On the example of "Kalibr", the characteristics of the private technoparks were discussed. The participants of the tour asked questions about support measures for the management company and residents, legislative nuances and general issues of innovation ecosystem management.

Special attention was paid to the functioning of the coworking and other collective use centers located on the territory. The delegates shared that the launch of collective use centers in the Krasnodar region is not an easy task, requiring a clear understanding of the target audience and forecasting demand.

The tour route combined a visit to the IT house of the technopark - a building "populated" by leading IT companies, the production space of Solstudio Textile Group and Naukasoft, as well as a demonstration of the capabilities of the unmanned electric platform "Evoсargo". The guests from Krasnodar noted the high level of localization of residents' technologies, the availability of support measures at the city level. Specific tasks were also outlined: in particular, to organize communication between Evocargo and lidar manufacturers from the Krasnodar region.

In conclusion, the participants thanked the team of PJSC "Kalibr" for the visit and wished further success in the development of the innovative industry of the country.